We first want to say THANK YOU for being a team captain! 

 We truly could not host our Relay For Life events without you, as your main responsibility is to lead your team to and at the event.  You’re making a difference in the fight against cancer by being leaders at your campuses. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work, dedication and drive. No matter your experience with Relay or as a captain, we hope the following resources will help you be successful in this exciting leadership role!


A team captain is the leader of a Relay For Life team raising money for the American Cancer Society. Team captains help their teammates navigate the Relay season by focusing on the four keys to being a good captain!

Successful team captains:

  • recruit friends to join their team (use your passion for ACS to ask a friend to join you)

  • delegate tasks (ask members to take the lead on fundraisers when appropriate)

  • manage team members and relationships (educate members on the ACS mission and how to fundraise through regular team meetings and communication)

  • celebrate their hard work and achievements (recognize and thank team members)

Each key is very different and important to the overall success of a team captain. Team captains should be well informed of events, fundraisers and outreach opportunities available and can connect their teams to these opportunities. They are facilitators for their teammates to make the process of celebrating, remembering and fighting back easier and more fun! 

Being a team captain develops leadership experience and interpersonal skills. Leading meetings, writing sending professional emails to acquire sponsorships, learning to ask for donations and subsequently sending thank yous are all resume building skills. Check out this resource on how to market your Relay skills to potential employers or schools: Add Relay to Your Resume. If you are looking to increase your involvement on your campus Relay, being a team captain is a great way to do that while building personal, marketable skills for the professional realm.