There are six Regional Campus Leadership Teams which are a combination of smaller areas. The teams work together to support events in their Region through direct peer-to-peer support. These volunteers point events to existing resources, connect them to other campus events near them, and help them problem-solve throughout the event planning process.

ACS Region Map.PNG

2018-2019 Regional Teams

West Team Leads

Aaron Pina | West Youth |

Amy Sofranek | UC Irvine |

North Team Leads

Clare Price | Blue Valley Youth |

Summer Christensen | Iowa State University |

South Team Leads

Taylor Kramer | Southern Methodist University |

North Central Leads

Courtney Garceau | Grand Valley State University |

Roasmary Laurito | Michigan State University |

Northeast Leads

Steven Ramdilal | New York University |

Kay Fittipaldi | Howell HS |

Southeast Leads

Jennifer Markfeld | James Madison University |

Owen Borawski | University of Georgia |