What is the National Campus Leadership Team?

The National Campus Leadership Team (NCLT) is a team of 9 student volunteers and a National Relay For Life staff partner who work to provide nationwide strategy and direction to the collegiate and high school fundraising programs, primarily through Relay For Life. The team provides support, develops resources for students and staff, and facilitates the creation of a national network of students, faculty, and staff who are committed to the fight against cancer. The NCLT recently welcomed a new team of cancer-fighters, each excited to work with Campus Relayers around the country to finish the fight against cancer. Learn more about the 2019-20 NCLT below, at campus.relayforlife.org, and @CampusRelay

Mary Paige (MP) McLaurin

Team Co-Chair - mary-paige.mclaurin@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of University of South Carolina

Why MP Relays:

I Relay for my mom, a cancer survivor, because I know how unfair it is that other moms have lost their battle with cancer. I Relay for my close friends who are so deeply impacted by cancer. And I Relay for those I love who might be diagnosed in the future.

MP 2019

Matt 2019

Matthew Burgess

Team Co-Chair - matthew.burgess@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of the University of Michigan

Why Matthew Relays:

I Relay in honor of my grandparents, and in honor or in memory of everyone who has heard the words “you have cancer."

Clare Price

Volunteer Support and Development Chair - clare.price@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of Blue Valley Youth

Why Clare Relays:

If we all close our eyes and think for a moment, most of us can recall at least a few names of people in our lives affected by cancer - I Relay so one day, this is no longer the case. I love doing work that I know positively impacts patients and families, making Relay not only an incredibly fun event, but also so rewarding. 

Clare 2019

KC 2019

K.C. Ward

Mission Integration - kc.ward@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of University of South Carolina

Why KC Relays:

I Relay for the 47 people I know that have, had, or lost their battle with cancer. I Relay because cancer affects us all. It has no boundaries or presences. I Relay for a world where I do not have to place another loved one’s name on that list.

Nathan Farnor

Advocacy - nathaniel.farnor@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of Tri-Cities and Relay USA

Why Nathan Relays:

I Relay for my grandfather, who passed away of pancreatic cancer. He was influential in helping to develop my passion for politics and advocacy. 

Nathan 2019

Isabel 2019

Isabel Bayer

Relay For Life Development  - isabel.bayer@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of The Ohio State University

Why Isabel Relays:

My list of reasons to Relay grows longer every year, but my main reason to Relay is for my mom. Her name was Janice Losen Bayer and she was my hero. When I was about three years old, my mom lost her battle with breast cancer. She fought for a total of seven years and unfortunately lost her battle in 2002 at the age of 38. Not a day goes by that I don't think about my mom and her story inspires me every day to give back to others and to never give up. After she passed, my family started a Relay team in her memory, and I have been Relaying ever since!

Jenna Capuzzo

Innovations  - jenna.capuzzo@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of Northeastern University

Why Jenna Relays:

I Relay for my family and friends who have gone through their battles with cancer and so that no one has to hear "you have cancer" again.

Jenna 2019

Maggie 2019

Maggie Buswick

Youth Development - maggie.buswick@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of TriTown

Why Maggie Relays:

I Relay in loving memory of my grandfathers and in celebration of my grandmother, my friends, myself, and anybody who has heard the words “you have cancer.”

Cameron Graber

Website Chair - cameron.graber@volunteer.cancer.org

Relay For Life of Johnson County and University of Iowa

Why Cameron Relays:

I Relay for my nine family members who have been diagnosed with cancer and for the family members of my friends. I continue the fight for the millions of people across the globe who will be diagnosed and to give back to ACS, which has given to my family time-and-time again. I have seen the effect cancer has on families, and I fight for the day when no one has to hear “you have cancer.”

Cameron 2019