As a Campus Leader, you serve as the face and voice of the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life within your campus community to lead and manage by empowering the students on your campus!

Primary responsibilities for individuals in these roles are to coach and guide students in fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving goals for Relay For Life on your campus. There are many ways to become more involved. Read below about a few ways you can become involved on your own campus!

By participating in Relay, you’re helping the American Cancer Society lead the fight against cancer. But you get a lot out of it, too. You gain real-life skills and leadership experience that you can share in college admission essays and job interviews. Check out this resource on how to market your Relay skills to potential employers or schools: Add Relay to Your Resume.

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Event Leadership Team


The primary goal of the Event Leadership Team (ELT) is to recruit and motivate Relay participants, plan the day of Relay, ensuring mission is a top priority, and promote fundraising and search from sponsorship. Many campuses across the country customize their ELTs to their specific needs, but all have similarities! Find more details about possible ELT positions here in the ELT Overview and Models Guide!




Team Captains


We first want to say THANK YOU for being a team captain! 

As a team captain, you’ll be making a huge impact by recruiting members, organizing fundraisers, and cheering on your team leading up to and throughout Relay!

Successful team captains:

  • recruit friends to join their team (use your passion for ACS to ask a friend to join you)

  • delegate tasks (ask members to take the lead on fundraisers when appropriate)

  • manage team members and relationships (educate members on the ACS mission and how to fundraise through regular team meetings and communication)

  • celebrate their hard work and achievements (recognize and thank team members)





Thank you for joining the Relay movement on your campus!

As a Relay For Life participant, you’ve joined the largest volunteer movement to end cancer in the world! From helping folks get to the doctor, providing lodging near treatment centers, and funding life saving and innovative research, the money you raise as a Relayer is fighting cancer on every front! You’re contributing to a better life and less suffering for cancer survivors while also investing in a future when no one will ever hear the words “you have cancer” again. 

While registering to walk with us is an important start to your journey as a cancer fighter, fundraising is what truly makes a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world. Fundraising isn’t all we do, but all we do depends on it. We have plenty of resources on this website to help you raise money and make an impact! Scroll down to find out more about your role as a Relay For Life participant!


The main role for a Relay For Life participant is to fundraise and to recruit your friends to join you in the fight against cancer. Here are some things you can do to be a great Relayer:…

  • Learn about the Mission of the American Cancer Society!

  • Check us out on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter to get tons of tips and resources throughout the year!

  • Lead your fight with the “why” and share your story about why you Relay!

  • Recruit your friends to join your team! Relaying gets more and more fun when you’re Relaying with your best friends!

  • Go out and FUNDRAISE!

Why Relay? That’s easy! When you Relay, you save lives. Relay helps participants grow and develop into great leaders in the world, and it’s a great opportunity to truly make a difference. Along with also being a great and well known resume builder, Relay For Life is one of the most fun and exciting events that campuses offer.