Campus Leaders

As a Campus Leader, you serve as the face and voice of the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life within your campus community to lead and manage by empowering the Relay For Life Event Leadership Team.

Primary responsibilities for individuals in this role are to coach and guide the Event Leadership Team in fulfilling their responsibilities and achieving goals for Relay For Life on your campus. Find more details about your role here in the ELT Overview and Models guide.

By chairing your Relay, you’re helping the American Cancer Society lead the fight against cancer. But you get a lot out of it, too. You gain real-life skills and leadership experience that you can share in college admissions essays and job interviews. Check out this resource on how to market your Relay skills to potential employers or schools: Add Relay to Your Resume.


Keeping the mission alive is key to a successful Relay year. These links give you insight on how to do so: