RFL Training Plan: Love Letters to Graduating Seniors

*sentimental music*

harry potter graduation GIF-source.gif

Dear Seniors,

Please don’t leave us. We don’t know what the Relay movement on our campus is like without you. You’ve been with us every step up of the way, encouraging us, guiding us, answering our ten million questions, and trying to pass down your four years of wisdom at the same time. Please don’t leave us!

Love, Everyone Else


Graduation season got you feeling a little sentimental? And not because your beloved seniors are graduating but because they’re leaving you behind? Yeah, we all know the feeling. But wanna know a secret? The best way to keep your seniors coming back and retain their support as alumni is to send them off with a bang! Celebrate them, their work, their achievements and let them clearly know how significant they’ve been towards the Relay For Life movement on your campus!


If Greek Life is big on your campus, I imagine Senior Send-offs are too. But why should we get left out of the fun?  Host your own Senior Send-Off party for your graduating seniors. Cater some food or have a potluck, collect some old (maybe embarrassing) photos and videos of the people you’re celebrating, and ask the rest of your committee to come with hand written thank you letters for each senior or ready to share their favorite memory of each senior! It’s a sweet and sentimental way to let your seniors know exactly how important they are and how much their continued support will mean to you!

If your campus loves to show off graduation cords and stoles consider purchasing purple American Cancer Society graduation cords for graduating seniors. With this small gesture your seniors will be able to show off their ACS pride during a life-changing moment and they’ll be sure to thank you! It can become a time-honored tradition within your committee - something for each member to look forward to as they graduate. Your staff partner can place an order for the cords here.

Finally consider making your own, brand new tradition to recognize seniors - something that is unique and relevant to your campus! Maybe a certain type of cuisine that’s eaten at a get together every year or a specific activity that’s played together every year? No matter what you do, don’t forget to thank your seniors. They’ve spent many hours working their butts off to make your event successful and their continued support as alumni can help your event continue to grow! A heartfelt thank you and small celebration goes a long way towards ensuring their continued dedication - and they won’t reaaaaalllly leave you if they’re still supporting your Relay, right? Problem solved!