RFL Training Plan: Digital Fundraising

What do you do when you find out that using your online Relay For Life dashboard and the FUNdraising app on your phone are super effective ways of fundraising?

Fundraise Online.jpg

Cheesy attempts to be relatable through popular memes aside, using the Relay For Life website and the FUNdraising app are great ways to fundraise. Online fundraising gives you a ton of different ways to raise more money for the American Cancer Society and get closer to your fundraising goal. Right from the website, you can post to Facebook, send a tweet to Twitter, and send e-mails asking your friends and family to donate to support the mission of the American Cancer Society. From the app, you can post, tweet, send e-mails, and text everyone in your phone with just a couple of clicks. 

Each of us has hundreds of people in our contacts, so even if just five of those people would donate $20, you could reach the $100 mark and be a part of the Hope Club - earning your event tshirt and being a major part of the movement to defeat cancer. Texting each person and posting online is super simple - check out this video to see a step by step guide on how to send texts and post online. 

The best way to fundraise is to share why the mission of the American Cancer Society is important to you and why you’re participating in Relay For Life. Why are you passionate about defeating cancer? What is your personal story with cancer? How have the American Cancer Society’s research, programs, and services helped you or someone you love?

Post pictures of the person or people you Relay for along with your post or tweet! Check out the American Cancer Society YouTube page or the National Campus Leadership Team Facebook Page to see tons of great videos to include about our mission.

Other ways to ask your friends and family online can be specifically mission-related! Ask your family to sponsor you, $1 for each lap that you walk onsite at Relay! Ask your friends and family to donate the equivalent of one night in the Hope Lodge ($100) to help provide a place to stay for someone seeking treatment. We can use social media and technology for such awesome things and so many ways to make a huge impact on our fight against cancer. 

Download the American Cancer Society FUNdraising app and go online on your phone or computer to customize your Relay For Life participant page. That way, when your friends and family go online to donate, they see your reason for Relaying and your picture. Fundraising online can be so quick and such an efficient way of fundraising - one minute of clicking into the app and sending texts to your contacts or posting to your friends on Facebook can result in hundreds of dollars of donations. If we’re all doing all we can to make sure we are the last generation to have to hear the words “you have cancer” - online fundraising is a part of that goal. 

Make sure to connect with Campus Relay at campus.relayforlife.org/ and post any great online fundraising ideas or any questions you have  to the Campus Relay & CAC Facebook group!