RFL Training Plan: Team Fundraising

This blog is going to dive into the benefits of team fundraising from a few different perspectives. 


From a ELT member's perspective:
Team fundraisers benefit ELT members in many ways. First and foremost, it's an extra boost in fundraising with minimal work from your leadership team. A win win in my eyes, less work but more money! Additionally, team fundraisers will create greater awareness around your campus. The reach of a team is going to be different than you general fundraiser. A team will promote it on their social media pages and to their group of friends which can potentially generate their interest in joining the fight. 

From a Team Captain’s perspective:
Team fundraisers can be extremely influential on your team moral. Typically Team Captains would be the ones initiating the fundraiser however that does not always have to be the case. A team fundraiser will help create a bond between team members who might not know each other well. Team fundraisers also allow for greater reach in promotion of your event. Team Captains can use team fundraisers as a way to jump start their team members fundraising efforts. Teams can host a kick off fundraiser which will mark the start of their individual fundraising. 

From a Participant’s perspective: 
A team fundraiser can make or break a participant’s experience and their attitude towards Relay in general. A participant who was unsure about being a part of a team can become a top fundraiser and motivator for the team in a blink of an eye. Team fundraisers make team members feel included and allow for bonding of teammates. Brainstorming, planning, logistics, promotion, and so much more go into a successful team fundraiser and every single participant will have a strength in one of those categories. Playing to these strengths leads to the participant to feel valued on the team. 

On Site Fundraisers vs. Off Site Fundraisers