RFL Training Plan: Accessible Fundraising

Does your general participant have everything they need to fundraise? Let’s check!

  • Do they have a set personal fundraising goal for the year?

  • Do they know how to use their dashboard correctly?

  • Do they know how to ask for donations through social media and email?

  • Do they have personal fundraising tactics (i.e. selling t-shirts)? 

If not, that’s okay! Let’s get them started correctly! Work with your participants on these steps to get their personal fundraising going!

1. Have a personal fundraising goal and plan for the year!

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  • Setting a personal fundraising goal is important. Try making a month by month fundraising plan of how you will reach that fundraising goal! 

2. Learn how to maneuver your dashboard on the fundraising page!

  • The dashboard feature allows for easy access to send emails asking for donations! It also has a cool feature of sending your donors ‘thank you’ emails. It is also a great tool to track your fundraising progress!

3. Utilize social media for fundraising!

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  • Posting to Facebook regularly is key to successful fundraising! Also, a good tip is to put the link to your fundraising page in the bio of your social media accounts. Engage yourself on social media with other Relay accounts! 

4. Be unique in your personal fundraising!

  • Think of a personal fundraising tactic you can use to increase your fundraising total! This may look like selling t-shirts in honor or in memory of a loved one with cancer. This may also be making paintings and selling them. Whatever it may be, using personal fundraising tactics are a huge success to increasing those numbers!

FUNdraising is a huge part of what the American Cancer Society does for doctors, researchers, and cancer patients around the world. Every dollar allows us to get one more step closer to the cure!