RFL Training Plan: ELT "Event Loving Team"


Creating connections, bonds and friendships within your campus’ Event Leadership Team is a vital step in establishing accountability and open lines of communication between team members. Intentional bonding is one fun way to accomplish this goal. Whether that bonding is decorating cupcakes, going to a ropes course, or just meeting for a day to set goals and to get to know each other, bonding is a great way to establish friendships and trust that may not otherwise occur on their own. Ice breakers may seem overrated, but new, innovative games can prove to be fun and eye opening! Easy games, like writing a little-known fact about yourself on a piece of paper and then having the group guess who the fact belongs to can be a way to start a conversation between team members.


Many Event Leads find that their committee starts off dedicated, but becomes less accountable as the school year gets busier. Being proactive about keeping committee members accountable and passionate can make the Relay season more successful! Setting up expectations, whether that be through written mutual-partner agreements, a verbal establishment of goals, or even just making a list of activities, numbers, and messages to reach and communicate. Mutual-partner agreements are a way to set these expectations in writing and to have firm goals to reach over the course of the year. By filling out agreements, all parties know what to accomplish and plans of action can be formed to fulfill these goals. 

Recognizing ELTs after the event, and after multiple years of participation and service is key to retaining committed teams.Graduation honor cords are a way to ensure that senior team members are constantly working towards a tangible reward, a way to show their purple pride at graduation! Staff members can order cords at http://www.tasseldepot.com/rflhc.html to give to ELT members that meet or exceed expectations set for them over the course of the year!


By having your ELT feel connected and comfortable around each other, team members will be more likely to collaborate with each other, bringing creative and innovative solutions and ideas to the table to make your event special! Some teams use post-it notes during meetings to write down notes of encouragement during meetings. When one of your team members says something they like, or has a great idea, another can write down that they liked the idea and throw the post-it into the middle of the table. At the end of the meeting, reading the notes is a way to end on a high note and to leave the meeting in good spirits feeling great about the work you’re doing! Bringing together a group of people from different backgrounds around a common goal  is an important step towards becoming the generation to end cancer!