RFL Training Plan: Calendar Tool

It’s the last week of August. You’re moving, you’re starting classes, you’re buying books, and as CAC President or Relay Event Lead, you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to plan the year of meetings and events around your schedule, your committee’s schedule, and the campus schedule. Ughhhhh. 

Sound familiar? Then we’ve got a tool for you! Download it here.

The Relay calendaring tool walks you through the steps of planning out all the dates you might need to include to be prepared for Relay season. The tool has a document that lists out some of the ways that you can collect the information you need, so that you can be sure your meeting dates or events don’t conflict with your school’s academic calendar. This should be a working document, so don’t worry about every event or social media push needing to be set in stone in September. It’s made to be edited as the year goes along and the needs of your Relay change. And they should! Learn from what works and what doesn’t. Be flexible, but know where you’re going.

Here’s an example. The document is super easy to navigate, with tabs that allow you to organize by month and include any important campus events, like breaks or finals.

Each date expands out to be a full calendar so that you can see each month in detail and what you planned out with your staff partner and the rest of the ELT. 

This tool can also serve as a way to organize your communication for your ELT and staff partner. For those of you who wing it and plan as you go: this tool will be helpful to you! Planning ahead often leads to more success. Flying by the seat of your pants for a fundraiser is not always a bad thing, but when you plan things ahead of time, you tend to have more buy-in and success. Even consider planning a post event fundraiser if it’s appropriate on your campus. And for all of you organization freaks: color-code, add pages, insert columns! The calendaring tool is your oyster! Download the document with instructions here.

Planning ahead = transparency = a more informed ELT = more help = less stress = a happier you = a better event = more patient services and cancer survivors

Now go forth with confidence, knowing what’s heading your way, and crushing this year like the brilliant leader you are! Happy speadsheeting!