RFL Training Plan: Website Launches

Get excited Relayers, it’s the official beginning of the 2017-18 Relay season! So what marks the official start? School has begun again, committees are forming and teams are meeting, but the moment when your event website launches is when your season officially gets moving!

The day your 2018 Relay For Life event website goes live is a great opportunity to launch your fundraising season in a big way. Many events will host a Relay For Life kickoff sometime in the Fall or even Spring semester (a topic we’ll cover in a later blog!), but have you considered capitalizing on the fundraising potential of the first few weeks of September- right after your new site goes up? 

Think about how you can create hype around your event website launch. Consider using one of these ideas:

  • Create a series of social media graphics that count down the days until your site goes live.

  • Host a launch party for your website. Get pizzas, sandwiches, or ice cream donated, set up some laptops, pump some music, and invite participants to come register. Maybe even give your party a theme!

  • Give out prizes for the first 5 teams and the first 5 participants who register.

  • Set a goal of raising a certain amount of money in the first 24 hours that your site is live and then publicize the heck out of it.

  • Email each team captain from your event last year, thanking them for their past leadership and inviting them to re-register for the 2018 event on the day it goes live. (It’s also a good idea to encourage them in this email to pass on their captain role to a younger team member if they have graduated!)

Think about your website launch as the official start to your fundraising season. You’ll need to work with your staff partner to find out when exactly your website will go live and make sure that you have as much correct information for your event as possible all ready to go (date, time, location, etc.).

While you’re growing momentum and excitement about your website launch, don’t forget to communicate to your participants how exactly to register and get started on their fundraising. The clearer and easier the registration process is, the more participants will be willing to go through it. 

Make sure they have the information to do all of the following:
1.       Create a new team
2.       Register as new or returning participants under their team
3.       Personalize their Relay page
4.       and… START FUNDRAISING!

Here are a couple resources that can help you get going:

  • Video that explains how to personalize a participant page (eva’s video)

  • Graphic you can share to encourage your participants to get started with online fundraising

The week of your website launch is the perfect time to set the tone for how you want your Relay season to go. So use the time you have in August to make a plan and get ready!