RFL Training Plan: Social Media Branding

In this day and age, social media can make or break a person, attraction, or, in this case, an event. Starting out with the right foot forward is critical to your event’s success. These major keys below will help you out in the future!

Key #1 Consistency 

Consistency across platforms is another key to success. Instead of a potential participant having to search 4 different usernames to follow you - make it one! One username streamlines the entire process! Take for instance the accounts run by the National Campus Leadership Team. Previously each had a different username and title, which was confusing. Now, every platform is @CampusRelay (shameless plug to go follow our Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). This consistency makes a marketing chair’s job easier and helps students find you on different platforms!

Key #2 Cross Promotion

Cross promotion can be interpreted in many different ways. The way I see it being most beneficial to creating your brand on social media is constantly promoting yourself. Every single poster, print out, meeting agenda, flyer, tabling event, and more should have your social media handle on it. The more times people see your name and info the more likely they will want to check it out. Print promotional materials and flyers are much more work and cost more than social media. So make print materials count - have people add you on your platforms, so the information can be shared more easily. One idea for Snapchat can be to randomly put your snapcode around campus with no identifiers on it and see how many people are curious and with snap it! Cross promotion doesn't just have to be on print media, but can also by word of mouth. A few ideas can be having ELT members ask their professors if they can speak about Relay before class and gain attention there. You can also write your handle or website on whiteboards around campus. A unique way to get your website or handle out there is to write it on clothespins and clip them to people’s backpacks as you walk around campus! To promote your social media platforms, have your ELT share from your page whenever possible and post on their accounts about following and getting involved! Don’t underestimate the power of tagging people in posts or pictures on your page; it expands your audience and ups your engagement!

Key #3 #Hashtag

Hashtags are an awesome way to incorporate your theme on social media or to promote your event in general. For some events use the abbreviations for their campus and relay at the end (#MRelay, #VTRelay, #D300Relay). Other campuses use specific hashtags for events certain campaigns (#MoreThanARibbon, #WhyIRelayWednesday, #AskMeWhyIRelay). A hashtag can serve as a rally cry or call to action for your participants. Not only does it boost your social media engagement, but it can create a sense of community and excitement when your participants start to use it. It helps to use at least one consistent hashtag for the entire year. You also get the added bonus of being able to track the hashtag to easily see pictures from your events and what people are saying about them! This serves as another way for prospective participants to engage on social media.