Relayer of the Month: October 2017

Congratulations to Stephanie Claar of Relay For Life at Frostburg on being nominated and chosen for October's Relayer of the Month! 

Why Stephanie Relay's: 

I Relay for my mom, who I lost this past April to her almost seven-year battle with cancer. I Relay so that holidays don't begin to signify another year past, one fewer with your loved one. I Relay so no one has to graduate college without their biggest cheerleader being in the audience. I Relay so that one day no one has to lose their best friend, daily phone call, role model, and hero. 


Relay means support. Relay For life is magic on Frostburg's campus, which is what made me fall in love with it. Relay is where every single student on our campus can come together for one cause and be one university. No matter who we are or what organizations we are in, we all put aside our differences and come together as a University to make our mark in eliminating cancer from our world. Relay is hope.

Why Stephanie was nominated: 

Stephanie has been a part of Colleges Against Cancer and RFL of FSU since I took over the event 4 years ago. This past April right before Relay, Steph lost her Mom Melisa who had a 7 year battle with breast cancer. My heart was breaking for her and I fully expected not to see her until the fall semester started. However, Stephanie not only returned and completed her spring classes, she got on stage at Relay in front hundreds of people and shared her story. A story that moved everyone to tears and put a face to this awful disease. She is one of the strongest, most resilient and genuine people I know. A few weeks ago Stephanie was working on ideas to get the campus more involved with the lifesaving mission of ACS and has decided to use the FSU homecoming festivities as another platform to reach people. Stephanie is our Homecoming Queen candidate representing Colleges Against Cancer. Each candidate has to pick a charity to promote and raise money for and of course, her choice was The American Cancer Society. CAC has never participated in homecoming and we are sure she will be as successful with this as she is in everything she does. Thank you Steph for being the light and inspiring everyone around you.

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