Relayer of the Month: July 2017

Congratulations to Jessica Meek of Relay For Life at Westlake on being nominated and chosen for July's Relayer of the Month! 

Why Jessica Meek Relay's: 

I have always had a desire to help and bring joy to others. Relay For Life was the perfect outlet for this passion. In just one event, we simultaneously are able to give hundreds of people one of the most fun experiences of their lives while raising money and awareness for a disease that has plagued so many of our lives. Cancer has touched the lives of so many, including several of my immediate family members. I have lost one aunt to lung cancer and a grandmother to stomach cancer. That said, I have also seen my other grandmother survive a battle with breast cancer. 

Whether we like it or not, cancer touches all of our lives, and without early diagnosis and proper treatment, it can rob us of those we love, as it did with me. This is why I knew the fight against cancer was where my passion would be best used, and with that, I found my place at Relay for Life. I am very grateful to receive this honor. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all who help with this amazing event and who aid in the fight against cancer year round. One day, we will be in a world without cancer. 

Why Jessica was nominated: 

Jessie Meek took on the role as the Lead student ambassador for Westlake High School this year. Jessie lead the students at Westlake High School by first recruiting several new ambassadors and motivating them to spread the word and get everyone excited about the 2017 Relay For Life of Westlake. Through her leadership the Relay For Life of Westlake raised over $62,000, which was over $25,000 increase from the year before, and out of that $62,000, $37,000 was raised from the students across the school district. With her leadership of the student ambassadors, participation increased from 250 people to nearly 600 registered participants this year! Jessie is graduating from Westlake High School this year bet has set the ground work to ensure that Relay For Life of Westlake continues to be an important event for the students at WHS for years to come.  

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