Campus FAQ's: How to Start Fundraising

5 Steps to Fundraising.PNG

1.       Registering for Relay is easy! First find your event and then click the purple “join this Relay” button in the top right of your screen. You can pay registration fee by credit card, check or cash.

2.       Share your story! You can customeize your personal Relay landing page by clicking “my dashboard” and then clicking the purple crayons to edit pictures and the “why I Relay” section.

3.       Also in your dashboard you can click the button “share my page”, which will link directly to your social media pages for easy sharing, or you can copy your personal page’s url and post on social media. 

4.       Within the dashboard you can send pre-written emails by clicking the button “ask for donations” all you have to do is select the template you want to send and input the emails. It’s important to add your own story in the email as well. Make it personal!

5.       Download the Relay Fundraising app on your mobile phone and sign into your Relay account. You’re able to send a template text linking directly to a donation page to anyone in your contacts! You can also invite survivors or others to your event.

Need a tutorial on your Relay dashboard? Watch this video!