Relayer of the Month: June 2017

Congratulations to James Gessner of Relay For Life at Del Val on being nominated and chosen for June's Relayer of the Month! 

Why James Relay's  I am an advisor for the National Honor Society at Del Val. Last year I asked my NHS members what kind of activity they would like to do for a fundraiser at Del Val. We had 3 students come forward that really wanted Relay for Life to come to Del Val: Amalia Crevani, Jessica King, and Savanna Granger. It was their enthusiasm that convinced us to contact Kris and Tracy.

I am also the president of the Delaware Valley Regional Education Association. The DVREA is the union that represents the professionals and professional support staff. In my role as president, I often am the first point of contact for members with medical conditions. I work with our administration to help our members explore their benefit options. Before I held my union position, I had never realized how many people, that I saw every day, were battling with cancer.

Relay For Life will help our students, our staff, our administration, and the community to walk together against cancer. Suffering from cancer can be a very lonely experience without a sense of community support. It is my hope that Relay for life can help us all connect better and also to raise money for this very important cause.

Why James was nominated: "Mr. James Gessner is the advisor for this growing high school Relay For Life event. This season, 2017, is the second year Delaware Valley Regional H.S. is hosting a Relay For Life since their inaugural event in May 2016. Mr. Gessner has been an individual that kept this Relay event on the track, showing growth, organized, motivated, and mist importantly educational to all of the students, staff & community involved. As their ACS Staff Partner, I am actually finding it hard to find the necessary words to be able to fully and accurately explain how much Mr. Gessner deserves the Relayer of the Month honor. What I can share is this truthful statement from both my professional personal feelings: Mr. Gessner went above and beyond the normal duties we expect from a Relay Advisor. Not only does he advise other clubs/organizations at their school, but he teaches full time, he serves as the school districts Union President, he works with athletics, administration , and parents.

He is involved in his community and surrounding communities. Since this Relay started, Mr. Gessner has proudly brought Relay For Life with him wherever he went; his classroom, to board meetings, to administration and parental meetings - everywhere. He kept his all of this under control, found success everywhere he went and showed the true characteristics we all look and hope for in a Relay Leader, which directly brought success to their event this year. I could go on and on about what this individual has done for our Relay For Life movement in the community and on this high school campus, but it was his actions that spoke so loudly this year and inspired so many new individuals, youth & adults, to join our fight against cancer. I couldn't think of anyone who deserves this honor more than Mr. James Gessner."

Do you know an amazing volunteer like James? Nominate them now for July's Relayer of the Month here.