Fundraising Ideas: Basketball Challenge

KSU Knock Out Cancer

Relay For Life of Kansas State University started off the year with a major setback, but with amazing leadership and great ingenuity they still made a big impact. Relay For Life of K-State was combined with the Riley County Relay. Relay For Life of K-State wanted to host an event on campus to garnish support and help raise awareness for the event, so they created Knock Out Cancer, a knockout basketball tournament. To play, everyone had to register online through a website called

The event did an amazing job of incentivizing people to join the tournament with multiple give away contests and tabling events.

At the event there was a lot of food and a wide variety of prizes donated to the event from local vendors for participants to enjoy. In the end, the event raised close to $2,400 and brought a new way to fight against cancer to their campus. This event is a great idea for a fall fundraiser to engage your campus early in the year!

If this event sounds interesting to you, please contact Karen Rubenstein ACS Youth Ninja. for more information or resources. Also check out the ACS Play Basketball webpage.