Campus FAQ's: Saying "Thank You"

YOU DID IT!! This Relay season rocked – all the hours spent planning, writing, meeting, drawing, e-mailing, building, hanging posters, talking, and fundraising paid off one night this spring at your Relay For Life event. Maybe this one was the biggest one in the history of your event or maybe it was a great year to try something new and innovative! Either way, the work you did this year made a huge difference in the American Cancer Society’s work to defeat cancer.  But what now?

Post-event fundraising is a big topic of conversation in April and May, working just a little bit longer to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Maybe you’re hosting an outdoor athletic event like a volleyball tournament or a car wash to finish out the Relay season (for more ideas check out this A-Z Fundraising Guide here or watch the Campus on Air on post-event fundraising here). But as you probably guessed by the title of this blog – this isn’t about post-event fundraising. It’s about saying “thank you.”

Relay For Life counts on thousands of students on over 400 different campuses around the United States to keep our movement going strong. But each student on every campus has someone who believed in them: a family member, a friend, a professor, a coworker – it could be anyone! The individuals who give to your fundraising goal believe in you and the American Cancer Society enough to donate.

Caring about you, as a Relayer, are passionate about and are working on is likely a big reason why your family and friends donate towards your goal – which means they love to hear about your success. In addition to the “thank you” right after they donate during the Relay season, a post-event “thank you” is a great way to thank your donors one more time. A post-event “thank you” tells all your donors about your event’s success and your personal achievement. Sending handwritten thank-you cards, sending e-mails, or even calling each donor on the phone are all great ways to make sure they know how much they are appreciated. 

The small amount of time that saying thank you takes goes a long way towards letting the donors know that they matter and their donation is important to you and the American Cancer Society. This also goes a long way towards making a successful ask for next year’s Relay and ensuring a repeat donation! As a campus Relayer, the dollars you raise are saving lives. Being a part of a Relay For Life event is incredible work, but this movement is so important and it needs everyone to be involved. With you and your supporters alongside all of the other Relayers all around the world, we will be the generation that defeats cancer.

Blog by Tristen Caudle, National Campus Leadership Team