Spring 2017 Awards Report


Happy Spring Campus Relayers!

As your event and school years are wrapping up, we want to encourage you to take the time to enter yourselves in the running for Spring Awards! You all have accomplished so many incredible, impactful achievements this year, and you deserve to be recognized! Among specific awards that look for your dedication to Cancer Education, fundraising, marketing, and more, every single campus has the opportunity to be recognized as a Leader of Hope!

The Leader of Hope award is given to CAC chapters and Campus Relay For Life events that demonstrate engagement in the four pillars of Colleges Against Cancer: Cancer Education, Advocacy, Relay For Life and Survivor and Caregiver Engagement. Being a Leader of Hope demonstrates your chapter's well-rounded commitment to the fight against cancer! In order to be eligible to be a Leader of Hope or to win any of the other Campus Relay Awards, your chapter must fill out the Campus Relay Spring Awards Report.

The Campus Relay Spring Awards Report is aimed to gauge your campus's activities, involvement, engagement, and innovation for the past semester. Not only are we eager to recognize your leadership, but the National Campus Leadership Team also wants to share your best practices with schools across the country to help make Campus Relay a huge impact in the fight against cancer as possible! Again, only by filling out and submitting a Spring Awards Report form will your school be eligible for NCLT's Spring Awards. The report is due on June 1st, so get writing!

We can’t wait to hear about the creativity, fundraising, education, and passion that your schools demonstrated this year. Thank you for being a leading member of the generation that will find cures and end suffering due to cancer.


Yours in the fight,

The National Campus Leadership Team