ACS CAN: Lights of HOPE

Think back to your last luminaria ceremony. The emotion that you felt as you walked the track; surrounded by bags of your loved ones and the loved ones of the people around you. Now, imagine you are a lawmaker walking among tens of thousands of bags of the people in your district who are suffering and dying from cancer. That is Lights of Hope.

On September 12th, ACS CAN advocates from around the nation will come together in Washington D.C. to flood capitol hill with the resources, knowledge, and passion, to convince lawmakers that the fight against cancer needs to be a national priority.

That evening, advocates from nearly every state and territory bring bags decorated by friends and family and loved ones touched by cancer for a Lights of Hope ceremony around the capitol reflecting pool.  Last year, nearly 20,000 bags lit up the capitol to honor our loved ones who have been affected by cancer.

By ordering a Lights of Hope bag not only do you add your story to the thousands that surround the pool, but you also become a member of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in order to continue the fight against cancer in our legislators offices at the local and national level for the rest of the year.

The membership is credited to your university, college, or high school and your bag (customized by the staff in DC or by you if you contact your local grassroots manager) will be displayed among thousands of others in a statement that cannot be ignored.

Please, take a moment to dedicate a Light of Hope in honor or in memory of a loved one, and join the grassroots movement to end cancer in your state and national legislature. For more information contact your local ACS CAN Grassroots manager, visit, or reach out to the Advocacy Chair on the National Campus Leadership Team, Cara Lyons, at