RFL Training Plan: Make it Fun

It’s important to keep this in mind when planning your event to ensure everyone has a super fun, memorable and meaningful night. Here are 4 ideas to make your Relay event fun for all audiences:

1. Encourage Teams to have themes for their Campsite at your Relay event. You can have survivors and caregivers vote for their favorite campsites, the winning team gets a prize! Some examples include: Star Wars, Disney, Circus, Dr. Seuss, or Birthday. Team can also host fundraisers at their campsite that tie in with their theme for an added boost! Here are some example of onsite fundraisers.

2. Host activities that get all teams involved at the same time, for example: themed laps throughout the night, a Mr. Relay pageant, a volleyball tournament, or minute to win it games! By getting a representative from each team you’re able to bring together all participants as they cheer on their team. 

  • New Mexico State University: Best Practice: CAC did an onsite fundraiser at our Relay For Life similar to the Jail & Bail. We had a sports themed event so we made our Jail into the "Penalty Box". Our CAC committee was dressed as referees so a few members would walk around and either put participants in jail or get participants to buy a warrant for someone else's arrest. It was $5 to put someone in Jail, and they got to choose the person's bail. The person who was put in the penalty box then had to raise the money set for their bail to get out. We raised around $200 for this fundraiser and it was very successful.

  • La Crosse University: Human Hungry Hungry Hippos-One of our main activities we held during Relay was Human Hungry Hungry Hippos. Participants would lay on their stomach on a rolling cart that was attached to a rope. Their team would then push them to the center of the room to grab balloons that matched their teams color. This event was a ton of fun and very entertaining to watch and participate in.

3.    Use social media to your advantage! People are connected now more than ever, so follow the trends and post news about your event on their feeds. Check out the Facebook guidebook here. Twitter is another great platform for engaging since you’re able to tell your story in a sentence. A good way to up engagement on Twitter is to do a scavenger hunt, check out this information guide here.

4.   During your ceremonies tell a story. Instead of speaking at the audience it’s important to avoid throwing a bunch of information at people. Engage with the participants, survivors and caregivers as much as possible during ceremonies to keep people involved and interested! Create ceremonies that are personal to your campus you can do this by inviting the band, cheerleaders, or your mascot to opening! 

  • University at Buffalo: We pre-marked registration wristbands with x's, which represented the percentage of the population expected to get cancer. During the opening ceremony, we asked those people to stand up and explained what the x meant and how high the statistics are with cancer. It was very powerful and people got the message with this great visual representation.

  • Mount Saint Mary College: Fight Back Ceremony Activity - ACS mission themed relay race. Participants broke into teams of 5. The first two people did a three legged race to represent Road to Recovery, they then tagged in a third person who did a lincoln log tower to represent Hope Lodge, who then tagged in a fourth person to put make up to represent Look Good, Feel Better and then tagged in a last person to do a slip slap slop activity putting on sunscreen, a hat, a shirt and to go with our superhero theme, a cape.