RFL Training Plan: USC Event Launch


Guest Blog: University of South Carolina

In November, our training plan focus is all about "Bring the People" and event launches are a big part of getting your campus excited about Relay! Recently, the Relay For Life of USC had their event launch and it was a big hit with the campus. Read about the event below and take some ideas back to your event!

Q. What will the experience look like? What entertainment will there be? How will you incorporate mission and get people excited for Relay

The experience is on Greene Street in front of our main student hub, Russell House Union. We have ten tables, four filled with food donations including: frozen yogurt, water, pizza, subs, and chicken nuggets. We have two tables for merchandise including t-shirts and buttons, two for registration, one for a banner for students to write “Why I Relay”, and a team development/fundraising information table. We will have four cocktail tables set up for students to enjoy their food. We will have a DJ to play music, and microphone capabilities for us to be able to announce our theme and general information. We included that everyone would be entered into a raffle of a $50 gift card, and we had banners from our awards last year.


Q. How are you marketing your Event Launch?

We had a graphic created into multiple dimensions so our exec and committee could post it on all forms of social media whether it be their Instagram, Instagram story, Facebook header, profile photo, etc. We started changing our photos a little over a week in advance. We hung posters in our classroom buildings and dorms. We tabled and passed out flyers on the day-of the event. We also created a Facebook event to invited previous team captains and teams, friends, and people who have not been involved in Relay on our campus previously. We also created a short promo video that we launched on social media 3 days before our event. 

Q. Are you encouraging people to register for Relay at your Event Launch? What will that process look like?

Yes! We did encourage people to register at our event. If people were registered, they were able to enjoy the free food at our event. If they were not registered, they could register and get food, or pay for a $5 wristband to get food. This event happened around dinner time, so people were willing to pay $5 for an unlimited amount of food. However, if people knew they were going to register later anyways, it encouraged people to sign up now. This was at the front part of our event, and they greeted the people coming to the event! This was done through online registration.