RFL Training Plan: Diversify & Include


Have you noticed a lack of diversity within your campus Relay? 

While unintentional, if you look through your lists of past and present participants, you might notice that certain populations are very well represented while others are not at all. Notice who comes to Relay and more importantly, who does not. For example, many Relays host predominantly white female participants. If your Relay is lacking multiculturalism or gender diversity, think about who you're reaching out to and who may not feel included.

Well.. Let’s look at how cancer affects the minority population around you! Minority cancer cases are so common that there is a National Minority Cancer Awareness week every year! 


Cancer.org even states that “...minority groups in the United States continue to bear a greater cancer burden than whites.” Could you guess why? It all leads back to poverty and less access to good healthcare for treatments. 

So.. If it affects the minority population  clearly, then why is the minority population not involved with Relay For Life on your campus??? Instead of pondering that question, let’s act on it! What ways can you diversify your campus Relay?

  • Emerge yourself into any minority-based organization on your campus!

  • Seek out and register more minority survivors!

  • Participate in National Minority Cancer Awareness week! Spread awareness about minority cancer on your campus to Include the minority population!

  • Post minority cancer statistics on your campus Relay’s social media!

  • Include more minority leadership and engagement in your campus Relay’s ELTs, Committees, and Teams!

  • Make sure that your ELT/committee is representative of all parts of your campus. If your committee is not diverse, it is likely your event won’t be either.

  • Make your Relay events more appealing to the minority population. Have different genres of music and minority survivors come to the event! For example, consider having the Latin club teach a dance class, etc.

You have to INCLUDE the minority population in order to DIVERSIFY your campus Relay! 

WHY Diversify?

Cancer does not affect one race, one gender, or one ethnicity. Cancer is a world-wide disease that is taking lives from the human population. Include minority participation and awareness within your campus Relay to ensure that we are all fighting as one.

Cancer is not exclusive, so why should we be? Include and Diversify your campus Relay, because we are in a world-wide fight against cancer!