RFL Training Plan: "Thank you, and"

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Treating donors like customers has proven to be a successful way to ensure that donors and volunteers come back for another great experience. By ensuring that we say “thank you,” we make sure our customers feel appreciated. Recognition is a hugely important aspect in leadership, and feeling appreciated for your work is invaluable. Special ways of saying “thank you” can include social media spotlights, handwritten notes, or even just individual emails or text messages. Taking the time out of your day to thank someone else, whether it be long enough to shoot a text, to create a unique social media graphic, or to say “thank you” in person, can mean a lot to our customers. 

Saying “thank you” is also a great way to get your foot in the door to make another request or ask. By saying “thank you,” you are reminding your customer of what they’ve done in the past to help in the fight against cancer, and by adding another request, you show that you are interested in keeping them around as a valuable member to help you and your team continue fighting. By opening the lines of communication with a simple “thank you,” it’s easy to ask for something else to be done. 

Saying thank you to outgoing team members is especially important so that their fight against cancer doesn’t end in their college years but can continue into their young professional stage. Alumni teams are growing in popularity and are a great way to maintain relationships between college campus events and young professionals, and to avoid losing their fundraising power!

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Finally, recognizing top fundraisers is a great way to spread their fundraising techniques and to publicly thank them for their hard work and passion. Giving top fundraisers a platform to explain how they raise money successfully and how they spread mission effectively is a recognition technique that serves both your team and the person being recognized. Propagating their reasons to fight against cancer (and how they do it) will boost fundraising all around. 

That being said, thank YOU for reading AND please share any interesting ways that you and your event are able to effectively recognize in the comments!