ACS CAN: CaPitol

CaPitol with a capital 'P' as in Purple!

Are you looking to get your committee more involved in ACS CAN? Around the country ACS CAN invites volunteers to congregate at their state capitols to TAKE ACTION! Volunteers from across the state will gather to meet with legislators, and you can take part! You can see first hand the impact that your story can have.

In order to make sure that you are well prepared ACS CAN builds issue trainings into the day. You will get talking points and any other materials that you need to feel comfortable for your legislative visits. Even though you are not expected to be an expert after the training, chances are, you will know more about the issue than your lawmaker. Below you will find a sample agenda from the great state of Minnesota for what your day at the capitol may look like. Keep in mind, this is just one way that the day or days could be structured!

Even with the trainings and support from your staff, there is one thing that no one knows more about, and that is YOUR story. The importance of you being there is to show your lawmaker that individuals in their state care about these issues. To demonstrate to them the kind of impact that changes could have on the people in their state. 

Even with the support of your grassroots team and the knowledge that they are there to listen to you, it can still be a bit daunting. Good news is you will never go in alone. There will always be someone else from your state who will be there with you during these meetings just in case you need some in meeting support!

ACS CAN needs you to not only take action on petitions, but also to be a physical presence in making these issues a priority in your state. To make it a little bit easier visit the Advocacy page  for other resources including sample letters to professors to request to miss class!

To find out when your state day at the CaPitol event is visit

8:00 am - Registration and Breakfast

8:30 am - Welcome (ACS CAN, AHA, MN SHAPE hosts) 

8:50 am - Issues Overview,

  • Physical Education (Ellie Beaver, ACS CAN)

  • Safe Routes (Rachel Callanan, AHA)

9:20 am - Physical Activity Demonstration (MN SHAPE)

9:25 am - Advocacy Tips for Today 

  • How the Legistlature and Lobbying Works

  • Hook, Line & Sinker (Dana Bacon, ACS CAN & Justin Bell, AHA)

  • How to Make an Ask and Make it Personal (Dana Bacon, ACS CAN & Justin Bell, AHA)

  • Legistlator Meeting Skit (Dana and Emily White, ACS CAN & MN SHAPE)

  • Q & A (All Presenters)

10:25 am - Social Media (Annie Simaytis, AHA, MN SHAPE)

10:35 am - Keynote Speakers

  • Recognition (Rep. Kim Norton)

  • Physical Education (Sen. Susan Kent)

  • Safe Routes to School (Rep. Jeff Howe)

  • Public Figure Speaker

11:00 am - Closing and Group Picture

11:15 am - Break into Senate District Groups

11:25 am - Senate District Group Work

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 - 3:00 pm - Legislator Visits: After you’ve finished all of your visits, please complete the Lobby Day Evaluation form and a Legislative Visit Report for each of your legislators, and drop them off at our room in the State Office Bldg, 300N. Thank you for your advocacy!

Blog by Ian Lock, National Campus Leadership Team