Meet the NCLT: Grace

Grace is from Roscoe, Illinois and goes to the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign where she is finishing up her English major with a minor in Secondary Education! She is a first year chair of Program Growth and Development on the NCLT.


Where and why do you Relay?

At school, I’m the Vice President of our Colleges Against Cancer chapter and a Relay For Life event chair. This is my fourth year on our ELT. I Relay so that families have more years together. I Relay for my parents, who both lost a parent to cancer. I Relay with my hometown community where we all Relay for our elementary school librarian. I Relay for mentors and family friends.

What is your favorite Relay memory?

My favorite Relay memory is from my senior year of high school when I chaired the small event at my high school. Our Luminaria ceremony was beautiful; we had a really powerful speaker and two students sing “For Good” from Wicked. Anyone who’s been to a Relay knows it’s difficult to convey in words the feeling of community during a Luminaria ceremony, but this moment was especially indescribable and important.

Explain your role on the NCLT.

I’m the Program Growth and Development chair, which generally means I focus on big picture stuff. How can we train volunteers? How can we raise more funds as a campus movement? How can we recognize and celebrate all of the hard work campuses are doing across the country? I look at data, read through reports, help develop plans, and think about common trends that might help us better understand and support campus Relay.

What is your favorite NCLT memory?

My first meeting as an official NCLT member was with my fellow newcomers and all of the departing chairs we were replacing. I remember being amazed by how passionate, smart, and hardworking my new teammates were and how impressive the shoes we were tasked with filling were.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Kids movies. One Direction. Pringles.

What is your favorite Netflix show?

Okay so I would say The Office, but Jazib already said that. So I’ll also offer the runners up: West Wing & Parks and Rec

What is your favorite food?

Breakfast food. The whole category.

What motto do you live by?


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