Campus Fall Reflection Form

Breaking News: The Campus Progress Report is Dead

We’ve heard your comments, and we’ve adapted! This year, we will not be asking CAC Chapters or Campus Relay For Life events to fill out a Campus Progress Report. Instead, we have created a much shorter, much broader, and hopefully much better tool for campuses to share their accomplishments and ideas. We are calling these forms Reflections!

Unlike the CPR, the Reflections will be Google Forms due in both the Fall and the Spring. This isn’t to create more work for you! We believe that these forms will actually be easier and quicker, even combined, than the CPR. Additionally, twice a year means that we get to recognize campuses with awards twice and year and that volunteer leaders won’t have to remember a full year’s worth of events and initiatives in the Spring! You can see the Campus Relay Fall Reflection form and a longer description of it linked at the bottom of this post!

Speaking of awards, those are changing too! There is no longer a specific checklist of items that campuses need to accomplish in order to earn the title of Leader of Hope. Instead, we will be awarding Leader of Hope to campuses in the Fall and the Spring that demonstrated the qualities of a CAC Leader throughout the semester in their Reflection. Theses qualities include Innovation, Growth, Collaboration, and engaging campus communities in all four strategic directions of Colleges Against Cancer (Advocacy, Cancer Education, Survivor and Caregiver Engagement, and Relay For Life). Though there isn’t a checklist anymore, we have created a resource that lists some ways in which campuses can embody these qualities! This resource also doubles as a guide to submitting a Reflection!

Outside of Leader of Hope, there will be other returning and brand new campus awards in both the Fall and the Spring. Keep an eye on the Campus Relay website and Facebook page to read guest blogs from 2016 Award Winners!

The Campus Relay Fall Reflection form will be available for campuses to view all semester, but it is not due until December 9th! 

Check out the Campus Relay Fall Reflection form here! 
Check out the Reflection and Event Guide here! 

As always, please reach out to us on our Facebook page, Campus Relay For Life and CAC, our email,, or to any NCLT member with any questions, comments, or suggestions on any of these changes!