Meet the NCLT: Jazib

Meet Jazib! He is from Skokie, Illinois studying Biology, Economics, and Physics at Northwestern University. He is a first year member of the National Campus Leadership Team and is the Cancer Education Chair.

Where do you Relay and Why?

I am President of Northwestern University's Relay For Life event. I Relay in honor of my Grandma who passed from Breast Cancer in 2008 and my English Teacher Mr. Dan Horyn who passed from Esophageal Cancer in 2013.

What is your favorite Relay memory?

My favorite Relay memory was the Relay of my senior year of high school, and having the most participants ever come out to the event to remember and honor Mr. Dan Horyn, who was an English teacher and Track/XC coach at my high school who passed from esophageal cancer. Just seeing such a large majority of the high school community coming out there in his memory was just so heartwarming and beautiful.

Explain your role as Cancer Education Chair on the NCLT.

On the NCLT, I'm the Chair of Cancer Education. I come up with resources and ways that campuses can bring Cancer Education to the forefront of their events. My goal as Cancer Ed. Chair is to make sure that we highlight the importance of awareness and prevention in everything that we do!

What is your favorite memory from the NCLT?

It's hard to pick a favorite memory with my NCLT fam....but if I had to pick one, it would definitely be between going up to UW Madison's and Marquette's Relay events with Lauryn, Ian, Hannah, and Caitlin, or going to Summerfest with Lauryn and Ian after not seeing them for months!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Cotton Candy Ice Cream

What is your favorite Netflix show?

The Office, hands down.

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