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Welcome Relayer! This new website is the new home for resources, questions, concerns, comments for the over 600 Relay For Life campus events that take place all across The United States.  The National Campus Leadership Team will be in control of the page creating and publishing content that campuses are asking for. We are your Relay mentors, we are here to help you succeed so that one day cancer will be a word in the history book. Thank you for all of your countless hours and incredibly hard work, you ARE making a difference. Please contact us with your ideas, comments, questions, triumphs and losses, we always want to here from the amazing volunteers.

Congratulations to all of the 2015-16 events on a successful season! We have seen your events success all over social media, in your local news, and throughout the Campus Progress Reports. Below is a highlight of several amazing events from this Relay season.

Way to go! On May 20th, 2016, Maple River High School achieved ACS CAN club status by recruiting 50 new members at their Relay For Life event! ACS CAN is a great way to bring your Relay For Life event to the next level by encouraging participants to join the club and join thousands of voices making cancer a national priority. (below)

A full night of celebrating, remembering and fighting back happened at the University of Georgia's Relay For Life event on April 16th. Keeping participants engaged throughout the entire night is a great way to keep needed fundraising dollars coming in. Since 1999 their event has raised over $3 million dollars towards finding a cure. WOW! Congratulations. (below)

Another amazing Relay For Life event took place in Oakdale, Minnesota at Tartan High School. Congratulations on raising over $1.5 million towards the fight against cancer, and for raising over $140,00 this Relay season! (above)

Sweet success! The Colleges Against Chapter at Loyola Chicago broke $100,000 at their Relay For Life event this year! This is a fun and exciting way to reveal the final fundraising number for your event. (above)

Congratulations to Relay For Life of New York University for having an Olympic themed event that involved over 1,000 participants raising over $90,000! (below)

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