Meet the NCLT: Lauryn

Meet Lauryn! She is from North Saint Paul, Minnesota studying Marketing at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a member of the National Campus Leadership Team as the Communications and Media Chair.

Where do you Relay and Why?

I Relay at Marquette University where I am President of our Colleges Against Cancer chapter. I Relay for a cure, so that the next generation knows cancer as a word in the history books. I Relay for my Dad who is a prostate cancer survivor, my Grandma who is currently ferociously battling cancer, and for all of my aunts, uncles, family, friends and loved ones. 

What is your favorite Relay memory?

Time to open up the yearbook... My favorite Relay memory was my experience at North High School where I caught the Relay bug, where my Relay journey began. My friend Nicole asked me to captain of a team with her, I had no idea what Relay was but I was ready to take on the challenge. From that first year Relaying I was filled with so much passion for ACS and being a part of the Relay movement so I continued on to be co-chair of the event. During my co-chair role North's event surpassed our fundraising goal, that was an amazing feeling.  I loved senior year when I was able to plan the event with my two best friends, Lette and Kate, who were on committee. Post high school my favorite memory was this past April when Hannah, Caitlin, Ian, Jazib and I bravely took on UW-Madison's Relay and my own Relay event all in one weekend... somehow we survived. 

Explain your role as Communications and Media Chair on the NCLT.

As the Communications and Media Chair I manage the National Campus Relay For Life Facebook page and the Campus Relay For Life Twitter. Where I spend much of my time is working on our NEW website, where you are now! It has been my baby since I joined the team. I work closely with my team and the regional campus teams to keep content relevant for Campus Relayers. 

Moving forward this next year I will be more focused solely on the website and creating graphics for Campus Relay as Website and Graphics Chair!

What is your favorite memory from the NCLT?

It's hard to pinpoint one favorite memory with this team. This past year they have become my family, from staying up late at meetings studying for the GRE, collaborating on projects or attending two Relay's in a weekend, to visiting for concerts and football games. The current and past volunteers along with our amazing staff partner, Mel, from this team are my favorite memories.

What is your guilty pleasure?

McDonald's French Fries & Tacos

What is your favorite Netflix show?

Right now, Chelsea's Handlers show. All time, Grey's Anatomy. 

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