Relay Best Practices: Mini-Relays

Themed Mini-Relays from the Relay For Life Chapter of the Year

One of the most effective ways UC Berkeley's CAC keeps our campus motivated, inspired and engaged throughout the year is through our monthly mini-Relay events that are about 8-10 hours long! We try to incorporate cancer education, advocacy, and survivor and caregiver engagement into every one of our monthly mini-Relays. 

Our mini-Relays are themed to the different holidays of the month, so we try to design fundraisers, games, educational material that fits said theme. For example, in February we host Relay For Love, and for our fundraiser we sold "crush cans", where people could anonymously send their crush (or whoever) a can of Crush (the soda) with a little message on it. We also handed out candy with cancer facts attached to them to students on campus. We always have Relay sign-ups (both electronic and hard-copy) present at each mini-Relay to register people throughout the year. 

In addition, we hand out educational flyers/pamphlets, and hand out our Relay For Life flyers (with registration links and our social media links). Other examples include, Relay For Leaves (November), Relay For Lights (December), Relay For Luck (March), Relay For Laughs (April). Logistically, all board members and committee members bring in what their committees do to the events! For example, the fundraising committee designs the fundraiser, the recruitment committee uses this as a platform to bring in Greek life and use our table as an active way to recruit, the marketing committee blasts our events on our website and all social media platforms, the logistics committees books the location and gets any equipment needed, and the entertainment committee brings any acts we may need, such as acapella groups to perform (to attract attention!). Finally, we use them as a way to get signatures for different petitions for our local government, such as a petition to increase taxes on cigarettes and get people signed up for ACS CAN. We have found our mini-Relays to be really successful, because it gives a great opportunity to fundraise, reach out to people, educate the community, and recruit!

In terms of marketing, we create Facebook events for each mini-Relay. We also post the link to events on our Twitter page and Instagram account. We have sign-up sheets at our table throughout the year (we table on campus Tuesday-Thursday, 4 hours each day) for interested individuals for our CAC meetings and for those interested in Relay to receive our monthly newsletter. We flyer throughout the year (very popular on UC Berkeley's campus).

We also post cancer facts and online challenges throughout the year to keep people pumped and engaged for Relay! An example of a recent challenge was, the team that raises the most in a week’s period gets 400 Spirit Cup points! (Spirit Cup is another way we keep the teams motivated- there are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places that teams compete for by getting spirit cup points by fundraising, recruiting, sending emails, etc). A new idea we had this year was to design and use Snapchat filters (via a geotag) for our different events. One of the great things about having monthly mini-Relays is that the we are a constant presence and people now know who we are and have come to expect us every month