Do you want to make an impact on the fight against cancer?


The American Cancer Society offers many ways to become more involved and bring the organization to your campus! If your school is missing the American Cancer Society on Campus, then follow the steps below…


Steps on How to Bring ACS to Your Campus!



Step 1 - Tell Us About Your Campus


After submitting the intake form and telling us more about you, an American Cancer Society volunteer will be in touch soon to discuss more about your goals for fighting cancer on your campus! In the meantime, continue working on the rest of the steps!



Step 2 - Gather Other Cancer Fighters


Find other dedicated students on your campus who would be interested in helping you coordinate and fundraise! Think of other student organizations on campus that might be interested. Also think about what positions need to be filled to have a successful event.

Team Structure



Step 3 - Find Your Mentor


Faculty mentors are great resources when handling campus administration, promoting the event to other faculty members, and helping you along the way. When looking for a mentor, consider people with previous service or leadership development skills. Certain faculty may also be or have been an active volunteer for the American Cancer Society!

Working With Your Administration



Step 4 - Set Your Goals


Goals can be useful when planning ACS events. When thinking of goals, think of how many participants do you want to attend, how much do you want to fundraise, what type of timeline do you want leading up to and during the event?

Plan Grow Go

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