Spring Innovation Award | Grand Valley State University: “This semester we had huge success with a clothespin promotion the week of Relay. We spray painted them and then had the date and website on them and secretly clipped them to people on campus. We had great feedback that it was a great reminder to get registered.” 

Spring Cancer Education Leader | Bowling Green State University: “We handed out mammogram reminders for all the students to write personal messages on and take back home to their moms and grandmas during the month of October. We received the CVS Smoke Free grant to help their campus go smoke free and worked with their health department to make the campus go tobacco free this year, we worked with the food departments on campus to get hot dogs and other foods donated and did grilled out on campus during GASO.”

Spring Cancer Education Leader | UCLA:  "Every hour of Relay focused on a different type of cancer with a game associated with it to increase awareness and prevention. We also held a cervical cancer rally and a colorectal cancer rally these past two quarters. Our rallies typically involve having posters and handing out flyers about a specific cancer on the main campus walkway. When applicable, the rally also contains petitions surrounding the specific cancers. This year at Relay, the Fight Back committee decided to focus on specific types of cancers during certain hours of the event. Relay For Life Cancer Awareness Hours "

Spring Advocacy Leader | Salisbury University: "We have advocacy events throughout the year such as Brest Week Ever (breast cancer awareness), Great American Smokeout (where we all wear "I Put Out" shirts), and Balls of Fury Week (testicular cancer awareness). At Brest Week Ever, we have a fake breast with a lump in it so that people can see what a tumor feels like, a boobie bake sale to raise money, and bra pong where you throw ping pong balls into bra cups. At Great American Smokeout, we gave people free small packs of gum and put facts about smoking on them as well as information on quitting. At Balls of Fury, we make "stress-ticles" for finals and mid term week with sugar and kidney beans. This is to show how difficult it is to find the tumor (kidney bean) in a testicle in a funny but serious way. All week you would see purple "stress-ticles" balloons around campus!”

Spring Survivor & Caregiver Engagement Leader | UW - Stout: "“This year we took each survivor/caregiver that attended our Relay for Life and paired them with a team. This allowed the survivors/caregivers to feel more included in the event and also get to know other individuals attending the event. It's especially important because it allowed those individuals to meet the college students and realize who we truly are: dedicated and driven individuals. Throughout the night the survivors/caregivers would take laps with their assigned team, grab food with them, play games, etc.”

Spring Mission Delivery Award | Bridgewater State University: “With every fundraiser, committee/VP meeting, team captain meeting and our event, we always strive to incorporate a mission moment. Everything we do is based off of our mission. This year we tried to incorporate more hands on activities not only during committee or VP meetings, but especially for our team captain meetings that emphasized our mission; for example, we implemented a game in which we gave every team captain however much money they had raised so far, in monopoly money and we gave them a list of where all of the money goes to. We let them sort out their money to see what services they are actually supporting when fundraising for this cause. Also, at every meeting one of our committee members would share a piece of our mission and we would show a brief video that supports it. In regard to the fundraisers we held this year, we made sure that we educated our participants about our mission and why we are doing what we are doing. Our goal is to always educate our community and share our mission.”

Spring Leader in Collaboration | JMU & U of So. Carolina: “This year, we held our first greek wide penny wars with close help from JMU. The effort raised about $300 in change, going towards our “24K Magic” fundraiser. Other campus’s should most definitely hold large fundraisers apart from the national competitions. This year, our campus Dance Marathon was held during Fund the Mission, so out of respect for our fellow campus leaders, we decided not to participate in FTM. We postponed and held a single day fundraiser instead. Our campus was more motivated to fundraise together towards a purpose, versus fundraise in a competition against other schools. As great as national cred is, no one at USC cares about a title at that level, they care more about how the money and efforts are affecting our campus. Another idea that other campus’s can easily adapt had to do with our approach. This year, we made every effort to focus on participation and campus reputation instead of constantly pushing fundraising. By focusing on the people, instead of the money, we were able to bring our organization front and center at the university, which in turn helped us meet our fundraising goals.”

Spring High School Leader | Kings Park High School: This Relay For Life event had a 50,596% year-over-year increase in fundraising!

Spring Leader in Growth | Ole Miss: This Relay For Life event had a 357% year-over-year increase in fundraising!

Lowest # of $0 Participants by % | U of So. California: This Relay For Life event only had 18% $0 participants!