Fall Innovation Award: Merrimack College organized an "Ornament Hunt" where students who found an ornament were eligible to be entered into a raffle if they were already signed up for Relay. If they weren't previously signed up, they were given the opportunity to register at a discounted price

Fall Cancer Education Leader: DePaul University hosted a Breast Cancer Education event with pink-themed photo ops and opportunities for participants to remind their loved ones about mammograms and other preventative screenings.

Fall Advocacy Leader: SUNY Geneseo made Quit Goodie bags which contained distractors (mints, gum, and information to facilitate with their quitting process). Their Advocacy chair had people sign a petition which would protect the FDA’s right to oversee all tobacco products and e-cigarettes

Fall Survivor and Caregiver Engagement Leader: Sacred Heart University hosted a Brunch and Bingo event, which they invited survivors and caregivers to. Each participant was given a free bingo card and prizes were donated.

Fall Leaders in Collaboration: The University of Southern California and UCLA teamed up to tap into their rivalry to raise money by hosting a "Pie a Trojan/Bruin" Fundraiser. Representatives visited each other's schools and students were given the opportunity to pay to pie their rival. 

Fall Leader in Growth: Salem State University attended a Northeastern University team meeting, Campus On Air calls and Massachusetts Relay Con to improve. Their fundraising YOY was 5600%!